The Best Porn Blog Sites

The Best Porn Blog Sites

I remember back in the days when people did not know what a blog is. It was the beginning of writing and even if the idea of blog had something else in mind, it seems that the adult industry had no problem taking over this brand new form of expressing yourself to the world.

Welcome to our Porn Blog Sites category, a place where you will find some of the finest porn blogs on the Internet. I am pretty sure that you already know a few of them and I also know that you already realise how all these porn blog sites work – you will have daily adult updates and you can download in your private hard drive everything they post. You will be able to do that for free, but you will need some patience because it is possible to happen at low speeds. If you want bigger speeds or if you want other options like unlimited parallel downloads and no waiting time, you will need to spend a few dollars in order to access a premium membership that will give you all of these.

The new adult land of porn blogs has been discovered! Have fun, raider!

Best Porn Sites for Women

Now, we know that porn isn’t for everyone, but this article isn’t here to pressure you into partaking in or watching something you aren’t 100% with. On the contrary, we want to convince those of you curious about porn that it’s completely ok to fulfil those desires as and when you wish.

In fact, in a conducted by Marie Claire and then contributing editor/actress Amanda de Cadenet, it was reported that one in three women watched porn at least once a week. Added to that the fact we’ve all become addicted to our smart phones (a relatively easy and private way to access pornography, whenever we please), and it’s hardly surprising that more women are watching porn than ever before.

From watching porn on your own, to using it as an erotic tool with your partner, pornography has grown into a female-friendly industry. Sure, there are hundreds of online porn sites that stick to the same old male ego-fed voyeurism (‘Ooh, put it there’, some vigorous rutting followed by the obligatory ‘money’ shot, yawn), but dig a little deeper and you’ll find porn sites that don’t actually look like some double-dickfest anatomy lesson.


‘Women like men are sexual beings that like to see their kinks, fantasies and overall sexuality represented on screen,’ she explained. ‘Mainstream pornography has consistently aimed to only sexually arouse a male audience. Not only does traditional porn not take women’s pleasure into consideration, but it also represents them as objects to simply fulfil men’s desires.’

When asked about the role women-friendly erotica has to play in the grand scheme of pornography, Erika was quick to discuss the positive changes:

‘Now there is this new wave of adult cinema made by female directors where the female view and perspective is taken into account and women and men are shown as consensual beings with sexualities and desires that are being fulfilled.’

Sex is depicted without loud faked orgasms on a depressing couch where women, not just men, are satisfied!’

Curious? Here are our top 5 porn sites for women…

(1) PornHub

(2) PornBazaar

(3) Porns

(4) Child Porn

(5) Children Porn